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We are the best. I am voting for #TEAMGLITTER

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You come to Pastor Chris and you hear him preach and tell you Jesus heals, one thing for sure you gonna see him in demonstration. He will go and stand infront of someone on a wheelchair and with one word "out" "healed" the man will jump off a wheelchair and walk. #Offer7 #Dec7

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I remember when Papa Idahosa went into glory as I sat crying wondering who will now be my father & who will continue d great work that he had started. I heard God say to me at Ogbe Stadium dat night. Pastor Chris. Thank u Pastor Sir 4 all you do 4 d world & me #Offer7 #CEBexley

Happy birthday Pastor Sir. Thank you Sir for adding so much colour to my life. You're indeed a blessing to us and the whole world. I love you Sir.

HBD my father, mentor, Pastor teacher & life coach. Thank u so much Sir, for the indelible impact u have made on my life. Its for a life time. I thank God that I am in this generation with u Sir. Thank u for being a part of my SALVATION STORY & helping me to live God's purpose

We are the best. I am voting for #TEAMGLITTER

I celebrate my father the world changer, pastor thank you for being consistent all this years in transforming lives all arround the world. Your passion to bring about a change in the lives of people had inspired many of us to be like you . May God continue to strenghten you. HBD

That unique smile is always what makes the impact in the lives of million. Celebrating a living legend; a passionate lover of the gospel; my own swagalicious Pastor! Happy birthday sir!

We are the best. I am voting for #TEAMGLITTER

We are the best. I am voting for #TEAMGLITTER

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