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Happy Birthday Pastor Sir, My Dad, mentor, prophet, teacher and life coach, thank you sir for your love and all the words of blessings you spoke over the nation of Rwanda, we have stepped into those prophecies and it keeps getting better. We love you greatly. CE Rwanda

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir, My
Ndayizeye Daudie


Happy birthday to my Man of God,my life changer,Pastor Chris,our Day,I love you so very much, thank you for giving my life a meaning



Happy Birthday our father,mentor and teacher. Thank you for given our life a meaning!We love you Pastor Sir.

Dcns Consolee


Happy birthday Pastor Sir. Thank you for changing my life with the word of God. I love you so much Daddy



Happy birthday to my Dad, Thank you Sir, u gave my life a meaning.

Pst Tee


Woww, Happy birthday to our president, father, mentor and life coach. The one who gave my life a meaning from the first I came in contact with him. I love you dearly Pastor Sir

Happy birthday to our father, teacher, coach and mentor. You've taught me what i never thought I could know. You've affected my life, speech and thinking positively. Thank you sir, I love you dearly. #loveworldNation #CEwarriMinistryCentre #CEWarriDSC #offer7 #SammyKeyz

Happy birthday to my Man of God. A man full of God, full of love. ❤️ Hopes are restored, destinies are altered and the supernatural has become our daily walk and experience, all because of you Sir. I Love you so so much Pastor. #cepunegroup #celz3 #dec7

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Happy birthday Rev Chris Oyakhilome DSc. DD Thank you for showing me how to live and loving me so dearly. #Offer7

Happy birthday to my Supernatural Dad. Thank you Sir for birthing me in Christ. Your passion and love for God is palpable for all to see. I celebrate you and thank God for greater Grace to do more for God like never before. Enjoy your new year. I love you Sir. #Dec7

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Happy birthday to my father, my mentor, my life coach and my pastor. Sir words are not enough to express my love for you sir. I will follow you till Jesus come once again happy birthday dad and i love you dearly sir...#cerandburg #cesazone1

Happy birthday to You Sir Pastor Chris. My father and my mentor . You have truly gave my life a meaning. Love you dearly Sir.

Happy Birthday Pastor Aloy Okei #RegionalPastor #USAregion1 #USAVirtualz1 #CESacramento

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