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Christ Embassy Santa Ana celebrates our indescribable Father.When we see you sir,we see Victory,when we behold you sir,we come to one conclusion-we are subduing the land. When we hear you sir,we hear prosperity. Wow!Thank you so much sir for giving us you. We love you endlessly.

Christ Embassy Santa Ana celebrates

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One day he called me and said I have money and it is not fair for me to say I dont have money when in reality, I do. He goes on to say I will show you how and showed me everything I needed. Growing up with such a father what else will you ask for. Happy Birthday Daddy. #stmichael

Happy birthday dad. #dec7 #celebritychef #celz5 #ceepecentral

Happy birthday to my world best father Thank you sir for teaching and applying the word of God in my day to day activities You taught me how to say the right things at the right times and to always laugh my way to the top. I love you dearly DADA and you are simply amazing sir

Happy birthday to my king, my father, my mentor, my icon, my Legend, my Teacher. I love you sir. #BLWNDUGROUP. #BLWZONEH.

Happy Birthday Daddy. #CESAZone2 #CEJhbMain

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Heyyyyyyy!!!!Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor.

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