Pastor Nandi Makgatho: Happy Bornda 2da Anointin Distributor on KingsChat Web

Happy Bornda 2da Anointin Distributor da Mimshack Master da Grace Amplifier da Word Proliferator da Spirit in Motion da Don of our Daily Devotion da ruler of regions da love personifier da spreader of heavenly fire da healin school global healer da king of kingschat. I 💝 you Sir!

Happy Bornda 2da Anointin Distributor Happy Bornda 2da Anointin Distributor

Happy Birthday to my Beloved Son Joseph Ugochukwu. You are a Wonder to this Generation,

The way my Man of God Loves - His Love for God and His Word and for Humanity is unfathomable... Pastor's eyes are full of compassion, when he smiles at you, all of a sudden you know God is happy with you and all your sins are forgiven... We Celebrating You Sir #Offer7's my father's birthday today I love you sooo much sir we celebrete you today Thank you so much for impact my life.thanks for your incredible teachings.There is no word to describe you. Thank you so much for teaching us that who we are in christ.I LOVE YOU PLENTY DAD

Happy birthday My Pastor,Mentor and Life Coach.Thanks so very much Pastor sir for teaching me divine realities in its simplicity.You are my inspiration!!I love you so very much Pastor

Happy birthday pastor Chris. I celebrate with you this glorious day of your life. Thank you for all you've done in my life.. because of teachings with the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT, I have been transformed into a GOD fearing woman.. Thank you so much and happy birthday to you!❤

Happy birthday sir,you're the best among men,you're my father. I love you sir.

Happy Birthday Pastor Chris sir. Thank you for bringing me into my inheritance with the word of God and equipping me for ministry.I love you

Celebrating the love of the Father #Dec7Can #Offer7 #Ceottawa

Happy birthday Pastor Sir, 😊 Thank you for saying Yes to God. Thank you for the solid foundation of faith you gave me through the word of God and the Holy Ghost. I love you endlessly and I rejoice with you today and always.💃💃💃💃💃💃😀😀😀💃💃💃

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