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#Loveworlddayofservice_2018 #ServiceinProgress #CEAbujaMinCentre The children of Darlez Orphanage say "Pastor Happy birthday, we love you". They love you pastor. They gave you a birthday card sir.

#Loveworlddayofservice_2018 #ServiceinProgress # #Loveworlddayofservice_2018 #ServiceinProgress # #Loveworlddayofservice_2018 #ServiceinProgress # #Loveworlddayofservice_2018 #ServiceinProgress # #Loveworlddayofservice_2018 #ServiceinProgress #

Happy birthday to my darling father in the lord. The word of God that you break down for my understanding has taken deep root in my spirit causing me to triumph in that challenge, making me a victor. I love you so much sir. #offer7 #dec7 #canada

Happy Birthday Super Dad!!!!

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Happy Birthday My Father, Mentor, Life Coach. Thank you so much for teaching us how to enjoy Christianity. We love you so much, Sir. ❤❤🙌❤❤🙌❤❤🙌❤❤🙌❤❤

Happy Birthday my Supernatural Father, Thank You for giving my life meaning. Am eternally grateful Sir Thank You. #cesazone3 #offer7 #Dec7

Happy birthday to my father pastor chris oyakhilomen sir.

*CE ELSBURG DAY OF SERVICE AT EPWORTH CHILDREN'S VILLAGE (Germiston) - 6 December 2018* Loveworld Day of Service in honour of our Father, Mentor, Teacher and Pastor, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome for CE Elsburg was glorious moment. The brethren came up together with Christmas goodies which included Christmas Clothes, Fruits & Snack hampers for both the Social Workers and the Children at Epworth Village. Amongst the special gifts were our Ministry Materials which included our very on Daily Devotional the Rhapsody of Realities, Faith Proclamation CD and the Kiddies books Let's Pray. It was such a glorious moment to handover the goodies as the Chief administrator jumped over to take the Ror Copy for herself. Epworth Village carters for more than 70 abused kids from the age of 2-22years, henceforth we were not allowed to take more direct pictures with the kids in question.

In commemoration of the International Day of Service, Today the teenagers of Onitsha zone visited the orphanage ( community children's home Obosi) and gave them items like clothes, shoes, teddies, toys) detergent, tissue paper, slippers etc. #lwidayofservice #ServiceinProgress #ceonitshazone

Simply great🔥 Simply Legendary #CEBremen #Offer7 #Dec7

Took a shot during Loveworldsat AMLive. Happy birthday Pastor Sir. I love you Pastor #dec7

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