St. Greg Music: Yhello Fam, remember to join on KingsChat Web

Yhello Fam, remember to join in the LIVE discussion with @stgregmusic on his new single spirit & life on @loveworld_top_music_chat on @loveworld_radio; today Tuesday 11th December, @ 12:15pm via You won't want to miss this

Yhello Fam, remember to join

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Praying now #LGNrules

Let us pray #LGNrules

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A time in the year when we express our gratitude to the creator of the universe for the many things he has done for us all through the year. The word of God has produced so much in our lives. This Sunday is loaded up and super packed Come celebrate! #cecooperative #thanksgiving

#prayingnow #globalprayerandfastingweek #CEowendo1 #EWCAVZ4

#PrayingNow #Nigeria #CELVZ

Happy birthday sister Kess. It's glorious to celebrate you. You are full of love. Have a great year. I love you super.

#Prayingnow #CEBayelsa

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