Cynthia Tetteh: Celebrating God's General!!!!!! It is on KingsChat Web

Celebrating God's General!!!!!! It is a priviledge and honor to feed my spirit and build it up with words of revelation that flow out of your relationship and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I Love you so dearly #EARNESTBRATION

Celebrating God's General!!!!!! It is

PRAYER GUIDE FOR SATURDAY 15TH DECEMBER OUR UPCOMING PROGRAM:- ➢ Pray and declare that all our publicity materials for this program carries the divine anointing to cause all our invitees to come for the program ➢ Declare that every publicity strategy adopted in preparing for this program would yield overwhelming results, such that the passion for souls of our brethren will be stirred to bring their invitees. ➢ Pray for a wide spread of all our publicity materials through the activities of angels; such that people who come in contact with them would be deeply convinced to attend the program.

Relentless in alu do?It makes way 4Impeccably favour. "Patience" is a virtue divinely provided 4D one who prefers 2Reign in God's Wisdom. "Relentless Effort" certainly pays-off.A successful farmer understands dis divine Principle hence protects his unseen seeds from pests~Selah

You were sanctified by the Spirit; meaning that He separated you and declared you holy and undefiled. Therefore, walk in righteousness. Don’t let those of the world drag you into ungodly behaviours; otherwise, you can’t win them. Your standard has to be higher to win them.

Celebrating An Icon HBD To My Swagalious Mother. I join the Host of Heaven to Celebrate my Pastor, An Awards Winning pastor with testimonies everywhere Beautiful and Excellent for God work. I love you plenty plenty Pastor Ma #HBDPSTMARILYN #PSTMARILYNROCKS #EJEBAGROUP

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#Earnestbration Happy Wedding Anniversary Pastor Sir and Pastor MA, From Glory to Glory!


I celebrate increase,grace and humility personified #earnestbration

I celebrate wealth #earnestbration

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