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The Translators Network International welcomes our Highly Esteemed Pastors and Partners to IPPC 2020! Kindly visit the TNI exhibition stand @ the Rhapsody of Realities Angel Court! You will not only be informed, you will be truly inspired! See you there! #TNI #IPPC2020

The Translators Network International welcomes
Fidelis Emmanuel



#DailyRhema . . I recently asked the Holy Spirit what makes the Bible God's Word; what differentiates the written Word of God from other pieces of literature? . . Regardless of the language the Bible is written in, those same letters are re-arranged in a different pattern to form another piece of text. Hence why, I often pondered over the question: what distinguishes God's Word? There are instances where after the Word of God is shared those who were initially sick receive their healing. There are other cases where the Man/Woman of God would say 'receive your sight' to someone who was once blind and instantly he/she starts to see; yet someone who isn't a Christian may attempt to say those same words yet nothing happens. Yet the same words were spoken. . . I realised that God's Word is beyond the letters on paper; the Word of God is consistent with the revelation of Christ. The Word is fully inundated with the power of the Holy Spirit; these words are filled and sanctified by God's Spirit. No wonder the impossible is made possible when it comes to God's Word! . . . Pastor Chris once defined the Word as: 'that message from God that reveals or communicates His works, will, thoughts, plans, purposes, and pursuits; to bring men into or promote fellowship with Him in love. It is His message of truth with content and power to build His image into the life of the hearers. It's content is the embodiment of Christ's revelations, provisions, perfections, and instructions. It is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, instruction/training in righteousness'. . . #2020 #PERFECTION #PRAISE  #BLWCampusMinistryRocksTM #Alignment #Excellence #Completeness #Fruition  #1000×Greater #WeHaveMOVED .

As d dare pantheth for d water so my soul longeth after Thee,You alone are my heart's desire and I long to worship You.

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God can do it again n again n again,He's d same God 2day dt He always has been,yesterday n forever He's always d same...God can do it again.

Happy Birthday to the Best LMAM Director USA. Love you ma! #OYOYOOMAA#OurGodisgood#OurGodisgreat #BONOS1120 #LMAMUSA #NY

You alone are my strength my shield,to You alone my Spirit yields,You are alone are my heart's desire and I long to worship Thee.

#DailyRhema . #2020 #PERFECTION #PRAISE  #BLWCampusMinistryRocksTM #Alignment #Excellence #Completeness #Fruition  #1000×Greater #WeHaveMOVED .

#DailyRhema . . Several weeks ago I was watching an episode of a show called 'Persepctive' on LoveWorld USA and a striking statement was made by one of the guests. She said: . 'The feelings catch up...' . Many are often faced with a quagmire when making decisions in life. Whether it's attempting to stop an habit, ending an unhealthy relationship, or forgiving someone, what seems the most challenging is the overwhelming feeling against such a decision. . . There may be cases where someone has offended or wronged you; such actions may even be quite extreme in nature, yet the Holy Spirit keeps nudging us in our hearts to take the first step and forgive. Yet there is that persistent feeling of anger, bitterness, or simply the unwillingness to forgive. Despite this, the truth is that the feelings will eventually catch up to the decision made. Once you decide to be joyful, your feelings will eventually comply. . . Our feelings are slaves to our thoughts. We control our feelings, they don't control us. This is the authority and life God has called us into in Christ Jesus. No wonder the scriptures urges us to be led by the Spirit not the flesh (Galatians 5:16). . So be confident that all you require is to make the decision and your thoughts, feelings, and eventually actions will comply. . . . #2020 #PERFECTION #PRAISE  #BLWCampusMinistryRocksTM #Alignment #Excellence #Completeness #Fruition  #1000×Greater #WeHaveMOVED

You're my Friend and You are my Brother even though You are my King,I love You more than any other so much than anything.

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