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Dec 25th,a special day to celebrate a rear gem, a hero and an embodiment of love. My Zonal Pastor... Esteemed pastor Martha Agbonifo . Agape Nation PCF loves and celebrate you specially ma #LagZone2 #LagosZone2 #Birthday #PMA2018

Dec 25th,a special day to
Michael Joseph Bliss


Thank pastor MA for blessing our life's with God's word and for been a source of inspiration and role model to us. We love you dearly MA. Happy birthday Pastor MA. You are our number one super role model.

Highlights of Thanksgiving service with Esteemed Pastor Wale Adenuga Children church Thanksgiving......As the coordinator and teachers show Gratitude to God For a more glorious 2018:in their health, academics, families. #CEUYO #SSVZ2 #THANKSGIVING

CHRISTMAS EDITION OF DEDICATIONS Sister Wisdom is in the building! Join Sophiya & Winter now on your award winning entertainment show, for prime & robust entertainment!

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It's 7 days to go The Dec 31st New Year Eve Service on TV Be a Proud Sponsor today Click  and sign up today. #Dec31stService #Dec31stGlobalServiceonTV #PastorChrisonTVnetworkseverywhere

Beautiful Christmas Cards Available on CeFlix Images To send someone a beautiful greeting this Christmas, use the link below:

Спасибо большое за то, что вы спонсировали служение 31 декабря в канун Нового Года на ТВ с пастором Крисом !! Благодарим вас, уважаемый Пастор Бунми Сумби и наши дорогие партнеры в посольстве Христа в Болтиморе, за ваше образцовое партнерство. Мы любим и ценим вас. #LTM #Russia

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I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents.

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