Joseph Michaels: Celebrating a legend, A limit on KingsChat Web

Celebrating a legend, A limit breaker, A passionate soul winner, A limitless giver. A man sent from God. Thank you Sir for your Constant inspiration, love and teaching me to love Jesus more. HAPPY birthday sir. I love you. #pastorChrisSonPBL2019

Celebrating a legend, A limit

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A glorious meeting Starting Right

Glory! It was mind blowing. Still in celebration mood. What a way to start the year. I love my pastor @pastoronyeka its an honour and a privilege to be loved. Higher and greater 2019! #TLB #CEAKENFA2MUCH #LIGHTHOUSEGROUP #LWAWRDS #TLBMYADVANTAGE

#AMAZINGPNO2019 Thank you PNO for being a good dad for us !

Celebrating excellence #AMAZINGPNO2019

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Happy birthday sir #AMAZINGPNO2019

Happy Birthday of Lights My dear Sister and dear Friend. It's a new level for you. Keep Shinning for it's your Year of Lights. I love you dearly.

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