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Your job won't determine how you are going to live this year but the quality of your spirit will determine your greatness.

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super sunday WITH PASTOR FLORENCE in the year of lights #EWCAVZ4 #CENDOBO

Glory to God I'm a soul winner #SBC2019 #Calmc #TeamcalabarRocks

SPREAD THE WORD! Watch Pastor Chris Teaching Tonight on Silverbird Television DSTV Channel 252. Let your light so shine, give someone the opportunity to receive that one Word from God that will change their life forever tonight. #celz5

Righteous happy birthday Brother Avela. Very zealous, Passionate,dedicated loving,caring all these for your heavenly Father's business.You will so shine this year as the sun of Righteousness with seasons of healing, peace, prosperity in your wings. God bless you.I love you dearly

As a Chrstian there are somethings that will never change in your life if you don't give attention to them, throw a search light at yourself Gen 39 vs 1 When you use the word the way it is,it will produce result,

I can't wait to be furnished !!!

What an inspiring Sunday in God’s presence @ garrison teens church ceph zone 2 #hlcph #yearoflight #cephzone2 #garrisonteenschurch

super sunday WITH PASTOR FLORENCE in the year of lights #EWCAVZ4 #CENDOBO

Am enjoying the morning of my life. Gloryyy!!!

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