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On a repeat... 🎶 🔥 #lights #illumination #leadership #empowerment #signsandseasons

On a repeat... 🎶 🔥

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#lightconventionwithpstmary #cemidwestzone

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Amen!! #WillOfGod #GraceOfGod #GodsProtection #SurrenderToGod

Die 28-jährige Tarrin war ein glückliches Kind bis zum Alter von acht Jahren, als sie sich deprimiert fühlte. Sehen Sie sich ihre ganze Geschichte hier an: #Healingschool #German

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🌟DAY 2: STAFF REFRESHER TRAINING PROGRAMME(SRTP) WITH #TLB 3RD SUPER SESSION by our Esteemed Zonal Head of Operations, the Estemeed Pastor Toks Umeasiegbu. ■ THREE (3) CARDINAL DRIVING FORCES OF OUR MINISTRY! We are a unique Ministry and we are different. 1. The Loveworld Exceptionalism This is the ideology that we have been called uniquely with a different Message. It is not that we are just different, but it connotes a supremacy of our ideology. This is what pushes us into leadership. Don't conform to general knowledge in life because we have our own way of doing things. Our calling to ministry is an honourable call. Daniel 6:1-3 (KJV, Message Bible) See yourself differently, have value with yourself. 2. The Loveworld Expansionism This is the doctrine and endeavor of expanding our reach, influence and territories through the relentless spread of our Message by all available and innovative means. When you stop thinking of expansion, then you have lost it - PASTOR CHRIS Think big, think expansion - that is why you are here. Think of spreading, think of growth. Never get to the point where you become so redundant, with no idea and no innovation. Genesis 12:1-3, 13:14-16 3. The Loveworld Perfectionism This is the doctrine or the ideology and disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable, in manner of life, product and service delivery. In your life and in your work, don't settle for less. #SRTP #StaffRefresherTrainingProgram #TLB #cebayelsa #ceughelli #cesapele #NSSVZONE1 #NSSR

200 PEOPLE RECEIVE PCDL VOUCHERS IN DESOPADEC OFFICE. CE Usiefurun distributed the New Year Message Vouchers to government workers at DESOPADEC office earlier today. The recipients were excited as the received the vouchers and immediately downloaded the PCDL app to listen to the message - 2019 Year of Lights! Glory!! For more enquiries about the distribution of the New Year Message call 08036694612 #Warriministrycentre

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