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All roads lead to Nottingham this Friday for a refreshing time with all partners!! It’s the year of Lights!

All roads lead to Nottingham
Maureen Makawa Mulenga


Glory. Iam so excited

Izuma Joshua



Dcn Neye Sowunmi



Paola Gallene-Bamby BLW B'ham1


Glory to God Almighty.

Patrience Waiwu


Glory to God

Osato ❤ Tracy



The Beautiful Refreshing #VictoriaFalls #Zimbabwe #Africa4Africa

Happy birthday to a Supper Star. Thank you for your outstanding performance in CFR@CEWMC. WE LOVE YOU!!! #cfr@cewmc

Today, the wind shall blow goodness upon your life, from the north notable testimonies shall locate you, from the west wonders of God shall manifest in your life, from the east everlasting success shall come to you,from the south supernatural flow of God blessings


How wonderful are the works of your hands!! #Ethiopia #Africa4Africa #VolcanicSulphurSprings #DalloVolcano

Updated his profile photo

16 DAYS TO THE EPOCHAL HIGHER LIFE CONFERENCE PORT HARCOURT WITH PASTOR CHRIS!!! Let's spread the word in every place and on all social media platforms. Kindly update your display picture/ profile picture now, with this image 👇 #HLCPH #HLCPH2019

SUNDAY SERVICE WITH PASTOR EUNICE OYEYEMI This is the best time to write down that image of what you want to do. Restrategize and reappraise urself. Life is meaningless without vision. My vision is my binding force; my persuasion. It guides me in making decisions and life choices. A man without a vision is like a man on a journey without a destination. Your vision is your picture of the year. By December 2019, what do i want to celebrate? What do i want to be my testimony? This is the time to decide it; to write it down. And when you do so, stick to it. Don't let others use their decision to change yours. Refuse to be distracted. #christmasevewithpastorchris #christmas #christmaswithpastorchris #ceabakaliki #ceabakaliki1 #31stglobalservice

God's Spirit is the answer to any situation.Fear not for i have put my Spirit withn u to lead and guide you in perpetual victory parade and d word of God in your mouth is your weapon of war to subdue the world and any contrary situations. #MYRHAPSODYMYRHEMA #WARRIMINISTRYCENTRE

It's amazing what we can do when we put our minds to work and focus #TheObeliskOfAxum #Ethiopia #Africa4Africa

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