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The Next Big thing in the city of Kaduna! #amazingcekaduna #NWVZ1

The Next Big thing in The Next Big thing in

Satan is constantly applying pressure to our minds in order to get us to quit in these last days; however, we do not have to allow hard times or pressure to defeat us. We can use the Word of God as a weapon against the enemy, and win. #icstvgospel

Lord I thank you, for adding another year to my life. Happy birthday to me

Ready to lambano. Sunday Service at #cekuwadzana #cesazone5

Somebody shout glory 💡 it’s church time! #udauda #hibirichurch #BTSeffect #silinganation #church

15/15 challenge The lost presence 13/01/2019

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During the Partners Banquet @ CE St Mary's, it was filled with the unction of the prophetic & Pst Jide prophesied to partners that the Lord says "Your spirit is my dwelling place, your greatness, success, destiny is in your hands..." #WarriMinistryCentre #CeWMCStMarys

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Updated his profile photo

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