Asare Ennin: Don't miss it. #TotalExperienceTakoradi2019 on KingsChat Web

Don't miss it. #TotalExperienceTakoradi2019

Don't miss it. #TotalExperienceTakoradi2019

Happy Birthday Dear Deacon Ben Eduviere. We Love you Dearly

Night to remember with amazing pastor Moses. Gloryyyyy!! #cebininzome1 #Supernaturalgroup.

Celebrating our esteemed Deacon Ben Eduviere.... Happy Birthday Sir.. We love you dearly!

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Celebrating Deacon Ben Eduviere. Thank you For All that you do for the sake of the Gospel. We Love You Dearly!

Happy birthday to this beautiful, amazing, generous, ever laughing, caring, dynamic, selfless woman of God- Sis Itee! Of your increased grace, shining and more there shall be no end. Enjoy today and always. God bless you πŸ’–πŸŒŸβ­β€

IT’S A SEASON OF LOVE: NOW THAT YOU ARE BORN AGAIN! Give the New Converts a chance to be retained in the family of God, by ensuring that they get a copy of Now That You Are Born Again at the Higher Life Conference Port Harcourt. For more information on how to get involved in sponsoring copies of Now That You Are Born Again kindly call these numbers: Nigeria: +2348086656547 South Africa: +27736589272 UK: +44(0)170855604 Or Reach your Region, Ministry Centre, Zonal Ministry Materials Manager or Ministry Materials Books Representative today. #ntyaba #hlcph2019 #weretainwithntyaba

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