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You can't measure the anointing on a man's life by the number of Miracles...Pastor Chris...#cebayelsa

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Remember to share your testimonies and let's all be blessed #HLCPH #LWradio #mensconference #womensconference #onair #lagzone1conference

#TestimonyTuesday- Sister Mimi healed from kidney infection. Sister Mimi started experiencing excruciating back pains towards the end of the 2018. After consultation with medical practitioners, the diagnosis indicated she had an infection on both kidneys. [Cont. to next post]


Have you seen, own or read this book: HOW TO PRAY EFFECTIVELY, Volume 1? Do you know it's in Audio Book format as well? Have you listened to it? CC: @lwpm Figure 3/4 #10yearChallenge

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I'm lighting and shinning everywhere. . Glory to Jesus. ..


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