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SOFT SKILLS EMPOWERMENT – GIA CAMEROON Addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Babiene Heline, a 22-year-old FALA nominee from Cameroon, organized an intensive soft skills empowerment program for a group of young people in her country. Babiene collaborated with professionals who tutored these young people on different courses, which include photography, video editing, and still and motion graphics. Her aim is to empower these youths with skills that will translate to commercial value and enable them become independent and attractive to potential employers. #GIA #FALF #GlobalImpactGlobalAction

Laweh Winfred


Thank God we are transforming Africa.

Pastor Ayodele Adedeji


Mind blowing feat. Little by little Africa can be great and better

Pascal Oseghale


Great, Awesome, really remarkable indeed. Well done FALF Leader. Go for more!

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