P.Yaksterry: I am ready! #ID_HUB #LWZONEG on KingsChat Web

I am ready! #ID_HUB #LWZONEG

I am ready! #ID_HUB #LWZONEG

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#CeBogoso #TotalExperienceTakoradi

I have a sharp mind. I am sound, excellent, intelligent. Hallelujah!!

Today I specially appreciate my boss and and Pastor his lovely wife. Thank you for being so wonderful and inspiring.I love you loads! #bossappreciationday #zeze #WhereGodLives

Ready for the next big thing... #i_dhub #LWZONEG #i_dconference

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You sure don't want to miss this.

Let your gift/talent so shine.... #lwsouthampton #ukzone2

We are joined now by distinguished guests from Christ Embassy Port Harcourt, as we prepare for the Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris ! Later on the show, Lanre Marcaully will be joining us on Cyber Alert. You don't want to miss this!   You can call in to lend your voice. To be a part of the insightful package, call us on: +2348031118975. SMS Only: +234 816 672 2359. You can also use "#thismorning" to send your thoughts on the subjects of discourse, across our Social Media handles. #kingschat Time: 8AM-10AM GMT+1 www.loveworldplus.tv/watch You can also watch on Loveworld Plus, Channel 465 on StarTimes. OR Download Loveworld Plus Mobile App today! Available on Google PlayStore, Apple Store and Windows Phone Store.

The word of God is like foolishness unto the natural man imagine Moses being told to use what he has a rod to part the sea. God will bless us with what we have and make tremendous power available in its uniqueness. I’m like a tree and every tree a forest. #LWSouthampton

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