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6 DAYS TO GO!!! Higher Life Conference Port Harcourt... #HLCPH2019

6 DAYS TO GO!!! Higher 6 DAYS TO GO!!! Higher 6 DAYS TO GO!!! Higher 6 DAYS TO GO!!! Higher 6 DAYS TO GO!!! Higher

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Professional Women Nation Publicity Van just arrived . 📣Broke Estate Protocol 😲 Because HLC Special Angels 👼 are on duty 💯🙌👏🏽💃🏼 📣We are not here for child’s play 📣HLCPh with PASTOR CHRIS 🙌🙌💯 We can’t keep calm 🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️📣📣📣 #HLCPH #CEPORTHARCOURTZONE3 Fully committed to HLC ....

My motive for being the best of me and the best of all I do is so that through me men are turned to Righteousness. To this cause I am totally committed! #CGI #CELVZ I was beyond blessed at Fouthman conference today.

Nos 08 jours de méditation du message de l'année 2019 commence ce dimanche 20 janvier. Es-tu prêt ?? 🤔 #8domspecialluminaryedition #8domonpcdl #2019yearoflights

Still celebrating my one and only. I thank God for bringing you into my world.Thank you also for bringing me in contact with my Man Of God. What a life it has been since then. It is a year of signs and seasons for you.You will illuminate your world and make more impact.I love you

It is our Year of Lights !! Hallelujah We are ready to Fly with Pastor Denis !! #CECANADA #CEBRAMPTON #CEBRAMPTONeast #CEBE #OneSoulChallenge #pastorDee #PastorDenis

💃💃💃Excited Teachers Getting blessed during the worship segment @ The Global Children's Church Teachers Online Summit Enjoy the Video..... #childrenschurchrocks #loveworldchildrensministry 👇👇👇

Loaded to maximum #ukz4 #spreadingpstuche #miracleservice #cemanchester

Flooded with lights #spreadingpstuche #miracleservice #cemanchester #ukz4

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