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#NEA2019 The Esteemed Chairman of the program - Dcn Ben Onyibe delivers the opening address... Pointing out the importance for all Leaders present to remain focused during the program as the Ag International President ushers us into the season of Accomplishing the Extraordinary!!! #TheHavenNation #TheHavenNEA2019

#NEA2019 The Esteemed Chairman of #NEA2019 The Esteemed Chairman of #NEA2019 The Esteemed Chairman of
Governor Paulina



Enjoy a glorious time of refreshing in the Lord’s presence, as you attend Christ Embassy Los Angeles Sunday Service on the 20th of January. Come ready in high expectations to receive the Word for your next and higher level. Come with your neighbors, friends and family!!!!

A man without the Holy Ghost is a blind man. A blind man is not just someone who cannot see, he can see alright, but all he sees is darkness. #myyearoflights #HeCausesMeToSee

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HBD to a glorous wondrful, sweet, God fearing sis Joan. Ur path is as d shnning light that shnes brghter & brghter unto d perfect day. Ur life is a reflection of Christ. We are proud to know u & being part of ths famly. We love u dearly. Enjoy ur new age. #ceirving #Cetexaszone

Photospeaks Special Ministration by Sister Sophia. #CELVZ #FCLS

Arriving into Chicago! Ready for grace! #epec2019usaregion2 #usaregion2 #ceaustinsouth

🌟GRAND FINALE: Zonal Teens Coordinators & Leaders Training Program with #TLB 1ST SUPER SESSION - Esteemed Pastor Onyeka Okoli (Zonal Partnership Manager, NSS Virtual Zone 1 & Group Pastor, Lighthouse Group of Churches, Bayelsa) ■ EVERY TEENAGER A VISIONARY PARTNER! ● Partnership is two or more people coming together for a common goal. ● We are in partnership with our man of God Pastor Chris. Partnership is our life. In becoming a Visionary Partner: 1. Identify where you are now, make your personal commitment by signing up. Habakkuk 2:2 2. Create and frame your Aions. Hebrews 11:3 Revelations 1:6 Your partnership must make a significant difference. 3. Focus Refuse to be distracted. Keep your focus on God's Word. Matthew 6:21 What a glorious session it was, as the participants were so stirred and inspired to become visionary partners. #ZTCLTP #TLB #cebayelsa #thelandofgrace #NSSVZONE1 #NSSR

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