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Precautions to Take while Driving After Delivery (CONT'D) Depending on the type of delivery, whether it is a normal delivery or a C-section, Let’s see the most suitable time to resume driving: 1. Driving After a Normal Delivery It is also called vaginal birth, during which the body muscles do a lot of work involving pulling and stretching to push the baby out. - You need to give time for those muscles to recover and heal. It is advised to keep physical activity to a minimum level in the days following your delivery. Its safe for new mothers to wait for 6 weeks before a "long drive". 2. Driving After a C-section Delivery Most may have the question, ‘Can I drive after a C-section delivery?’ Well, the answer is YES, you can, but only after you recover fully. - C-section deliveries usually have a much longer recovery time compared to vaginal births. -This is because the body has gone through a major surgery. The uterus and tummy need to heal from being cut open. - It is advised not to lift anything more than your baby’s weight to prevent the stitches from opening (which will be very painful indeed!). - This means you shouldn’t lift your baby’s car seat to put into the car. - Twisting won’t be possible for some weeks, so trying to settle your baby in the car will be with some pain. - More importantly, driving restrictions after C-section delivery are mainly because you will not be able to use your abdominal muscles to press down on the brake pedal during emergencies. - Therefore, if you have had a C-section delivery, make sure you wait at least 5-6 weeks before you resume driving again and after consultation with your doctor. #tcif #healthandsafety #everylifecounts #savinglives

Precautions to Take while Driving
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