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#luminariescamp19 #lcmp2019 #blwsazone

#luminariescamp19 #lcmp2019 #blwsazone

HWA dear Sir & Ma! Awesome, Awesome+, and I, love you preciously! Many more years to celebrate & jubilate!

I am growing in the way of the Lord,I am growing in the spirit of God.The spirit of God is real to my spirit.The Kingdom of God is real to my spirit!

The glory of the Lord is risen upon me

Congratulations Dear Highly Esteemed Pastor sir/ma. We rejoice in your light. We love you dearly sir/ma.

Happy Silver Jubilee Anniversary to our ever radiant Mum and Dad. We are ever grateful to the Lord for your life of impact and Influence. Thank you for your selfless commitment to our welfare and progress. Thank you for the several lives that has been touched all around the world through your inspiring union. Thank you for raising us in the message and Vision of our Man of God, Pastor Chris. We are the Chief beneficiaries of your Grace, Passion, Love and Fellowship in the gospel. Congratulations dear Sir & Ma. We love and appreciate you dearly.

Happy Silver Jubilee wedding anniversary my dear ever loving Dad & Mum, thank you for believing in me, loving me lavishly, showing me the way of the Lord & giving me a purpose in life. You are a blessing to men in your world. I love you sir/ma.

WISE WORDS FOR YOU TODAY!! 🕹Don’t say bad or wrong things about someone to another person just because you are not happy with them. 🕹Because you are not happy with someone, does not mean you will also gather others not to be happy with the person. 🕹Do not allow someone's bad behaviour change your good behaviour. 🕹Let us be Christians always and allow the love of Christ mature us and strength us. 🕹If you are upset with someone, tell them, sort it immediately and close the matter. 🕹Don’t carry things in your heart that soon will start affecting the way you relate to them. 🕹The godly relationships we share are too precious to sacrifice on the altar of Satan’s gimmicks. 💡Be watchful 💡Be prayerful 💡Be smart 💡Walk in love always and demonstrate it 💡Be spiritually healthy Please be kind enough to reshare this post, you may have saved someone's life today. Also like and leave a comment if this blessed you. I love you. Enjoy your day #auxanowithpastorobi #TLB

Happy Silver wedding anniversary Sir and MA. We love you so dearly.

Happy Silver Celebrations to Highly Esteemed Pastor Ambrose and Dee Isesele. Your union is the perfect description of love, friendship, singleness of heart and oneness. Thank you for remaining such an example to us all. God bless you sir and Ma. We love you!!!

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