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I testify that my path has been prearranged! I am in the right place at the time and meet the right people. I see the right thing and hear the right thing! My steps are ordered in Jesus name! #TeevoEveryday #TheElite #CEScarborough #TeensCan

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Sunday Service with The Esteemed Zonal Pastor Lagos Zone 2, Pastor Emeka Eze. Sunday 27th January, 2019. The word is a lamp and a light, as an individual if you don't allow the word of God in your life there will be darkness, that's why you must give time and place to the word of God. If the word of God is not in you, light is not in you! Christ in you is light, the word of God in you is light. That means the more of God's word in you, the more light in your life.  James 1:18 ...We are His first fruits, we were born of the word of God, He has made us number one class above the human race. There's a life higher than the human life. As long as you decide to live the human life, you will have human problems. We have been selected out of humanity to become partakers of the nature of God.  John 1:12-14 ...If you believe on his name, you have the power to become the son of God and whatever you want to become. If God makes you nobody can unmake you, you have it made.  One of the  greatest challenges in the church is identity crises. When you don't know who you are and understand what you have, you begin to affirm the wrong things. When light appears darkness doesn't wait, it knows it's position. We are the light, darkness cannot posses light. We are in the light, He says walk in the light, be aware and just take over, take charge. The only fight is inside your mind, insist on what the word of God says. When circumstances are trying to tell you otherwise, stand with the truth.  Nehemiah 10:35 ...As the first fruit there are things that God says we should do for our finances to reflect our status of having supernatural finances. The first and the best of what comes into your hand this year is your first fruit, you bring it to the house of God year by year. The first fruit belongs to God, when you offer your first fruit, you attract divine increase and you lay a foundation upon which your harvest will overflow. You must have an abundance consciousness, never feel as if it is never enough. That mentality of less than enough is called poverty consciousness, it makes you afraid of giving, The bible says you shall lay up gold as dust, money cannot finish in your hand, money will always locate you. There is no fear of the future when it comes to finances. It can only get better for you, never have that fear that one day there will be no money left after you have given.  When you start walking with God and you are seeing by experience the word of God fulfilled every time in your life, you will never be afraid to release everything including your life to Him.  God bless you.  #lagoszone2

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Photo report of the New Year Message- The Year of Lights Launch in Teens Ministry, SWVZ3 by the esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor, Pastor Ewaen Edun. Glory to God. #newyearmessagelaunch #loveworldteensministry

No one can praise and worship God for you..... Day Of Bliss Gwarinpa 1 #dayofblissgwarinpa1 #pulpitexchange #ceavz

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