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FALF Winner 2013, FALF Ambassador Tosin Ogunmodi organised GIA Awareness for Senior Secondary School Students of Marjos International College. 102 Students were enlightened on their roles in the global attainment of SDGs. Staff and students were enlightened and challenged to participate in the GIA. Registration of the students commenced immediately.

FALF Winner 2013, FALF Ambassador FALF Winner 2013, FALF Ambassador
Pastor Tosin


It was an awesome opportunity to illuminate, lead, empower and bring signs and seasons of IMPACT.... Thanks for the comments..... We are on the GO Together. Thank you Team GIA...

Pascal Oseghale


Awesome! This is an outstanding result/success making. Know that there are many more schools and colleges to be taken for the Lord, and the ability to "DO". Take advantage of this grace and move, for any limitations before you are unreal. Glorrrrrrrry!

Pastor Ayodele Adedeji


This is amazing. GIA spreading every where

Benjamin Ndubuisi


Great work sir!

Happening now OBI SHINE

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Had an awesome time

Awesome music here —->

1 day to go!

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor

welcome to RPN

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