Cláudia: 17-Fev-2019 it’s a date💃💡First Super on KingsChat Web

17-Fev-2019 it’s a date💃💡First Super Sunday Service of the year of Lights with our Highly Esteemed Pastor Refiloe Faith Khalidzwe✨💡it is going to be a glorious time in God’s presence.

17-Fev-2019 it’s a date💃💡First Super


Preparing my spirit to receive 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Glorious & joyous birthday to a shinning light; the mighty hand of God has placed you in the midst of the might, as a solution, an illuminator, a leader, with increase wisdom and ability for signs & new seasons to your world in Jesus' Name. Amen #hbdSisStella

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Celebrating An Icon. #PWOSHINES #LCC2excels

Happy Birthday Ma. Thank you for all you do in LCC2 Group! I love you dearly ma.

Happy birthday dearest Annie! You're unquestionably the expression of God's beauty and glory! Keep on burning and shining.1love you dearly.

Get Ready to be Upgraded 🙌🙌🙌 MaX Life Now! Embrace it!!! You can live your life to the Max! #upgrade #AbeokutaMC #yearofLights🌟

Passion is not in shouting or excitement, passion stems from the origin of your expression, a driving force from the inside, a reason why, a fire burning in your heart that will set alight anyone who encounters you. Passion is contagious. Let your life be enthused with passion.


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