Pastor Sharon Agenmonmen: I have prayed, after Night on KingsChat Web

I have prayed, after Night of Bliss Benin, there shall be great joy in benin city..Acts 8:8 #nobgarrick #erediauwa #cebeninzone1

I have prayed, after Night I have prayed, after Night

It's time to make impact in our world! #SUPERSUNDAY #CELZ1WONDERFUL #CELCC2EXCELS

#hspc #as2019 #healingnow

Happy birthday of lights dear Pastor, we love you dearly

We have prayed and according to Acts 8:8..... there shall much excitement in Benin City after night of bliss Garrick #nobgarrick #CEBENINZONE1 #CEEREDIAUWA

Hello Everyone. In case you don't know where your polling booth is pls follow these step Go to Your Address Bar, type: All your information including your polling booth will be displayed. PLS CHECK BEFORE SATURDAY SO YOU DO NOT MISS YOUR CHANCE TO VOTE!

#hspc #as2019 #healingnow

Happy birthday to my dearest Brother Sunday, You are such an amazing person, and its been such fun knowing you all these years. Its the beginning of a more glorious journey, where all things have been made ready. Congratulations

Thus saith the Lord, After Night Of Bliss Benin there will be "Great Joy in the city". Acts 8:8 #nobgarrick #erediauwa1 #cebeninzone1

Hurray BenjaminWealth Eseosa Theodore Ehannire is 8 today. Happy birthday my dear son. My heir apparent. Mr President. Continue to illuminate, shine and light up your world. You're indeed for signs and season. Happy birthday. #cebeninzone1 #cegiwaamu #cechurchinfluential1

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