Suki Ogs: Happy Birthday Precious Pastor Val on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday Precious Pastor Val I love you ❤❤

Happy Birthday Precious Pastor Val

Divine plan! Don't miss it! Registration link below #ariseshineukvz4

Yay, we made it to am Live on LoveworldSat #LoveworldSatTour #PastorOseinCEDurban #Iamainfluential #MyYearOfLights

📣📣📣Glory!!!!! 📣📣📣 It's SUPER WEDNESDAY today in all churches in the zone. This is your season to move to the next and higher level of your life.Get ready and excited, for what the Lord is about to do is far beyond your expectations. You sure don't want to miss this special time of blessings, healings and miracles. Make plans and ensure that your guests from the HLC are seated with you. Time is 12 noon and 5:30pm. See you there! #SuperWednesdaywithPastorJoy #CEPHZONE3

Happy birthday Pastor sir! Thanks for impacting our lives! We love you sir! #pastortayo2019

Updated his profile photo

Join us to make power available through prayer.

CMD Extraordinaire. #ilovemyCMD #celebratingmyCMD #BLWZONEH #TeamPMB

Happy Birthday Esteemed Deaconess Linda. Thank you for all the work you are doing in this Great Nation!!!!Keep Walking in the Light!! We love you

2 Days to go!!!🕺💃🙌🙏👏 #nightofbliss #UK2Z4 #CEBarking

Today is the!!! Happy Birthday Dear Pastor Seye Dosunmu! We celebrate you sir, as you mark another year in glory and honour! Thank you sir for all you do for God! We love you dearly!! #Marylandgrouprocks!!!!! #Lagoszone1rocks!!!!!

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