Dcns Uloma Nkemakolam: Souls will be compelled into on KingsChat Web

Souls will be compelled into the Kingdom of our God and His Son Jesus Christ. #SUPERSUNDAY #CELZ1WONDERFUL #CELCC2EXCELS

Souls will be compelled into

The entrance of Gods word brings light. I am ready to receive every word into my Spirit. #NightOfBlissSpecialAccra #NOBSPECIALWITHPBL

Thank you Mrs Amu, for letting Cloudsurfers create a memorable travel experience ❤❤❤

All things are possible in the presence of God. I am next in line for a miracle #NightOfBlissSpecialAccra #NOBSPECIALWITHPBL

#PstVal2002 #CEBERLIN #CEGERMANY #EUVZ4 Happy birthday ma. A role model and a trailblazer

Happy glorious birthday to you dear Esteemed Pastor Val Ibeachum. Thank you Ma for being a blessing and an inspiration to my life. Of your increase and peace there shall be no end. I Love and appreciate you dearly Ma. God bless your new age. #PV2002


Updated his profile photo

No two meetings are the same, this is a destiny changing meeting. #NightOfBlissSpecialAccra #NOBSPECIALWITHPBL

Happy birthday dear Esteemed Pastor Seye. Keep shining. Much love always.

#NightOfBlissSpecialAccra #NOBSPECIALWITHPBL

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