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Making tremendous power available. #HSPC #prayingnow #cameroon #ewcaz4

Making tremendous power available. #HSPC
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BREAKING NEWS, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA APPROVED NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICES 2019 IMPOUNDED VEHICLES THE AUCTIONS OF = CARS AND BAGS OF RICE,AND GROUNDNUT OIL. THE NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE RECRUITMENT FORM/REPLACEMENT FORM INTERESTED CANDIDATE SHOULD CONTACT THE OFFICE LINE(08130151314/08140260793).The auctioning is currently going on in badagry express.............. Way........ seme boarder here in the custom barracks. zone (C) command Lagos state. Below are the available cars and prices. Toyota 4Runner N750,000 Toyota Avalon N600,000 Toyota Avensis N750,000 Toyota Camry tiny light N450,000 Toyota Corolla N500,000. Toyota FJ Cruiser N1.M Toyota Hiace N750,000. Toyota Highlander N960,000 Toyota Hilux N900,000 Toyota Matrix N600,000 Toyota Prado N750,000 Toyota Rav4 N650,000 Toyota Sequoia N650,000 Toyota Sienna N600,000 Toyota Tacoma N950,000 Toyota Tundra N1.5M. Toyota Venza N1.1M Toyota Yaris N2.2m Volkswagen Beetle N400,000 Volkswagen Golf 4 N450,000 Volkswagen Jetta N650,000 Volkswagen Passat N600,000. TyVolkswagen Touareg N600,000 Acura MDX N1.3 Acura TL N1M Acura ZDX N2M Audi A4 N500,000 Audi A6 N650,000 BMW 3-Series N650,000 BMW 5-Series N980,000 BMW X5 N1.3M BMW X6 N1.4M Ford Escape N600,000 Ford Explorer N500,000 Honda Baby Boy N500,000 Honda Accord 03 EOD N760,000 Honda City N450,000 Honda Civic N500,000 Honda Crostour N1.1M Honda CR-V N750,000 Honda Odyssey N650,000. Honda Pilot N850,000. Hyundai Accent N550,000. Hyundai Elantra N450,000. Infiniti FX35 N1M Infiniti FX45 N1.2M Infiniti QX4 N850,000. Isuzu Trooper N750,000. Land Rover Discovery N1.6M Lexus ex 300 N800,000 Lexus Rx330,N900,000 Lexus Rx350,N1.4m Lexus Rx400, N2m Land Rover Freelander N2.3M Land Rover LR3 N950,000. Land Rover LR4 N1M Land Rover Range Rover ( CUSTOMER CAN PLACE THEIR ORDER / CHOICE FOR ANY VEHICLE ). CONTACT OUR TRADE/TARIFF UNIT OFFICE MANAGEMENT BOARD ON (08130151314/08140260793)

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To fight against poverty and unemployment The UN has just launched a recruitment for young unemployed graduates aged 18 to 65 regardless of sex to improve their living conditions and to reduce poverty and unemployment Population Dear brothers and sisters, do not miss this opportunity that has just been yours To participate participate them here are the conditions: Be 18 years old to 65 years old To know how to speak French and English at least Be of good character Graduate required: the diplomas you have He works in all areas of work Make sure to contact the general management on WhatsApp numbers +33757911473

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Praise God

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Glory glory glory

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Glow glory

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Amen. I'm connected #hspc

Healing School Prayer Conference Live Join Now @ #hspc #healingnow

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR..#CMDISFIRE #CMDPC25 #CelebratingOurLuminary #OurVisionaire #Exairetikófotistikó #blwzonej

It's all about peace and joy in the Holy Ghost!!!#CMDisfire #CMDPC25 #celebratingourLuminary #ourVisionaire #Exairetikófotistikó #blwzonej

#HSPC240219 #healnow #CEBERLIN #Germany #WEVZ4 #EUVZ4

THE HEALING SCHOOL ONLINE PRAYER CONFERENCE #HSPC! IS HAPPENING NOW Participate @ - Rowland E Sira ( Get the KingsChat app at #Nigeria #Lagos

Participating Live #hspc #healingnow #Johannesburg #SouthAfrica

#healinshooprayernetwork. #CEmidwestzone

Healing to the Nations of the world hallelujah!!! #hspc2019 #prayingnow #zoneL #Nigeria

Happening now:The Esteemed Pastor Deola Phillips, leads a panel discussion highlighting the supernatural exploits of on Healing School in 2018 #YourCity #Country #HSPC #HealingNow

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