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Lack of food jeopardizes the wellbeing of families; mothers are forced to reduce the number of meals children eat, families replace nutritious foods for staples like corn and millets. Without the right nutrients, children can’t grow up. Therefore, the need to help provide healthy meals for the less privileged child is an important act of service that should and must be carried out; as every child is your child. Young and inspiring Ruth Mughogho of the Future Africa Leaders Foundation from Malawi, has committed to feeding street children. This act of her humanitarian service is aimed at not just curbing the challenge of hunger among street children, but also making them feel loved and valued. Ruth Mughogho and her team were able to reach out and cater for less privileged children on the streets. #GIA #FALF #IMPACTAFRICA #PROJECTAFRICA

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Pastor Ayodele Adedeji


Keep demonstrating compassion to the street kids. It's a huge investment. God bless

Pascal Oseghale


Remarkable! You will need to set up a program for these less privileged ones out there on the street, that will prosper them and set them on the path of life. For however they are now, one thing to mindful of about them is that each one of them has a dream. You act of love and care will set them on that path for life. You have started and the ability to do beyond your thoughts and imagination is in you are you are well able. Hallelujah!

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...and law enforcement agencies,

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Shine on!! #PEU33 #PastorEkele

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