Maureen Makawa Mulenga: After attending NEA in Dartford, on KingsChat Web

After attending NEA in Dartford, unforgettable experience.

After attending NEA in Dartford,

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What's in your hand? Your business is in your hand.

Happy Birthday to our dear Man Of God Pastor Freedom. I celebrate you Sir. #Sazone1celebratingPastorFreedom #Cerustenburgsazone1

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Don't miss out

Celebrating LIGHTHOUSE! Happy birthday Pastor Sir! It's with great pleasure to be identified with you Sir! #PF4

Hapoy birthday sweet Jay Jay. Full of wisdom and grace. Your a shining star. ❤ u

Happy Birthday Pastor ma. Thanks for all the investments you have made in my life. I love you specially

Unforgettable NEA in Dartford

Updated his profile photo

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