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Greatful soul

Greatful soul Greatful soul

Happy birthday dear Sister Sunita. Of your increase and greatness, there shall be no end. I love you dearly.🙏🎂🍾

Happy Birthday Cuties!!!keep growing in the Wisdom of God! I love you both dearly.

Happy birthday pastor ma. Thank you for your love for our man of God and the ministry . We love you dearly

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir.

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

LWPM Ministry managers and Representatives Conference in CE Sokoto ....Global Dominance and Relevance.

Updated his profile photo

Sis Adeola of Church 2 Flourishing Agape on Set with the Highly Esteemed Zonal Director - CELVZ, sharing her ROR Commemorative Edition Testimony. Glorayyy!

Happy Birthday Dearest Daysman! I love you Plenty.

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