Dcns Consolee: Welcome home to our Esteemed on KingsChat Web

Welcome home to our Esteemed Zonal Pastor. We love you Sir.

Welcome home to our Esteemed

This is te set time for our nation, the set time for Rwanda is now. I am so expectant

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HBD dear!

MY AFFIRMATIONS Friday 29th March, 2019 Blessed Father, how I love you! You’ve made me righteous and prosperous; you’ve made my life excellent, and full of glory. Thank you for the power of your Word in my life, which prevails and produces results in, and for me, in all things, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Kindly affirm, like, comment and reshare God bless you!

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Happy birthday to my darling husband. Thank you for being inspiring, focused and courageous. Enjoy this new year filled with glory, joy, peace and prosperity. Your light continually so shine, bringing many to salvation. I love you😘😘 #celebratingpastorcarlex #CEDELFT #CESAZONE4

Testimony All Around #mytestimony #MarchMegaCellOutreach #mafolukuisrich #CELZ1rocks

Holla!! So here’s a little freestyle to put a smile on someone’s face.😁 Have a blessed Friday and take charge today!!! #worshipsessionswithesthy #starasings #jesuslovesyou

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