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the lmdnmusicstream celebrates our global star !SINACH!

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Joyce Phiri


Amen!Hallelujah Praise the Lord forevermore! Happy and blessed Birthday to you our Icon for real, Sister Sinach of the most High God in Jesus Christ's Name! I thank God for your labour of love every time for sharing your gift of anointed singing with the whole world,and our Man of God.God bless you abundantly in Jesus Christ's Name.

Bukky Shines Ever So Brightly. IAmLight!


Happy birthday ma.

Patience Okokon


Happy birthday to you esteemed.

Whatever you find yourself doing, do it well - Pastor Nike Gbenga @ The Advantage Conference Ikeja 2019 #TACIkeja2019 #TACnow

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la foi en Dieu et notre obéissance à ses paroles et principes nous amènera assurement à embrasser ce que nous avons attendu depuis fort longtemps. #CEOTTAWA #celloutreach

Open yourself to learn and acquire more skills as many as you can, you never can tell where it'll be needed in your life's journey - Pastor Nike Gbenga @ The Advantage Conference Ikeja 2019 #TACIkeja2019 #TACnow

Proverbes 10 : 22 C'est la bénédiction de l'Eternel qui enrichit, Et il ne la fait suivre d'aucun chagrin. #CEOTTAWA #celloutreach


Happy Birthday Pastor Paula. Love you mwaaaaah!!!

REON Online Meeting UK

By and by only this, your life will take on a new meaning.... #rortoday

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