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C'est ici. Le jour que nous attendions. Vos attentes ne seront pas déçues. Venez avec vos invités et passez des moments glorieux avec le Saint Esprit. Je vous aime.

C'est ici. Le jour que
Ameline Njinkeu


We love you too pastor. Amen

Augustine Ekosso


Gloire au Seigneur Jésus. Merci beaucoup Pasteur.



Amen je me réjouis déjà ! Merci beaucoup Monsieur

Yvonne koge


Am ready

Evelyne Ekedi Lights


Nos invités sont prêts ! Nous vous aimons Pasteur!

Happy birthday Pastor Emmanuel Nyamufarira. We love you sir.

As we pray, Doors are opened,

Still celebrating 🥳 Happy Birthday Bro Bayo! Thanks so much for being an amazing person and for all you do in Ministry! Keep shining!We love and appreciate you.

Happy Birthday to My Highly Esteemed Pastor Rebecca Wealth Eriya. The Heaven applaud you today, your smiles has brought us nothing but Joy & peace. My Family & I Loves you so much. Thanks for being a great mother to us all. God bless you abundantly #PB31 #CERANDBURG #CESAZONE1

#PastorDaba #celebratingagreatlight

Birthday 🎂 bliss Pastor Emmanuel Nyamufarira

ANOTHER FRESH EPISODE OF HEAR THEIR CRY After the death of their father which was caused by Ebola..things fell apart and became very difficult for Elisiana and Williams. They could no longer afford school and even having at least a meal a day was a great struggle. Watch this partnership classic and be inspired to hear the cry of many more indigent with your partnership. To give, click this link ➡️ http://bit.ly/2t7OFTq #EveryChildisyourChild #EndChildpovertynow

It is here. The day you've been waiting for. Your expectation will not be cut short. Come with your invitees and have a glorious time with the Holy Spirit. I love you.

Happy birthday Pastor Ma! Thank you for your love and kindness! Your warm and welcoming smile always. I love you dearly Pastor. The joy of the Lord is your strength! Amen #PB31 #CEOliven #CESAZONE1

Happy birthday Pastor Rebecca. #PB31 #CERANDBURG #CESAZONE1

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