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Happy Mothers Day to our Big Mummy. We love you dearly ma

Happy Mothers Day to our
Dr Bankole Idowu


Love you ma

dcns opeyemi otabor


Happy mother's day ma. I love u

And love wins again❤️ Congratulations to this beautiful couple @cliffm and @farlonlyte on their successful traditional wedding💃🏽🕺🏽We love you so much💝 and we're most certainly looking forward to the big day👰🤵 @nobsa #traditionalwedding #lmamsazone1# #cesazone1

Day 14 - 14 Days of Talking Sessions 7 Times Daily Dear Father, I thank You for filling me with Your precious Holy Spirit, who has made me more than a man and has made my life truly supernatural. I can do all things through Christ, and I am grateful for Your anointing that works in me, causing me to live victoriously every day. Thank You for the astounding miracle of the new creation! This new life in me makes me an impregnable breed, not subject to sickness, defeat or failure. I am an absolute success and victor in life. I reign and exercise dominion over every circumstance of life, in Jesus’ Name.  I affirm that I am a peculiar treasure unto God, and He has made me the custodian of eternal verities. I recognize myself as one charged with the divine responsibility of influencing my world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I diligently carry out this glorious ministry today. There’s no stopping me! I am fully equipped with all that I require to finish my course with great joy. I live in victory, success, health, joy, peace, and righteousness because that is the life God has ordained for me! Through the revelation of God’s Word, I see who I am, and I live according to the picture of me that I see in the Word. I make my way prosperous. My whole being is saturated with the anointing and power of God’s Word, such that thoughts of success, possibilities and glory are inspired within me! And as I speak accordingly, my life is transformed, adversities are quelled, and negative situations are altered to conform with God’s perfect will for me. Hallelujah! The wisdom of God is functioning in me; I know what to do in every situation. I am making progress, moving forward, and growing in grace, and in the knowledge of the Lord. The bible says the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions. I am possessing all my possessions this month through the Rhema of God and I am not leaving any for the devil in the name of Jesus.  #dspukzone3 #talkingsessions

YOU ARE SO PRECIOUS A MUM. A Joy the World! Happy Mother's Day!!

#TEEVOTV God's word, Young people. Today's article: YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER by sis @Euphrose #CEUKZONE3 #CECROYDON

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The clouds have gathered, the outpouring is here. #BLWzoneB #NAUpermsiteonfire

Build up to the great total Experience ugborikoko group with Pastor Paul Omigie


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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! The LoveWorld Television Ministry specially celebrate our mother's. Thank you for your care, prayers, love and support in the development of the gospel. We love you dearly. #LTMNetworks #cLoveWorld

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