Akpeki Joan: It's my calabar miracle crusade.. on KingsChat Web

It's my calabar miracle crusade.. #CMC #Calmc #TeamCalabarRocks

It's my calabar miracle crusade.. It's my calabar miracle crusade..


Dear Highly Esteemed Pastor PAUL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SIR. 02/04/2019 Thank You SIR for the Power you impacted within me, on my Missionary ROR Travels to the Island of Lewis 2011. Such Love, Joy, Peace, Wisdom, Tenacity, Power You Imparted to me! I Love You with all my Heart

Happy Birthday Pastor...Thank you so much for being an inspiration and an example...lots of love from my family and I...

The harvest is ripe and readyπŸ™Œ #CMC #CALMC #Teamcalabarrocks

Happy birthday pastor Paul. A am blessed to be part of your life, my life has never been the same since the day I met you, you have taught me how to use the word of God and produce results. My life coach my hero, my daddy I love you so much pastor Paul

β˜‘ Tangible presence of God β˜‘ Skilled musicians β˜‘ Talented choir β˜‘ Gifted dancers β˜‘ Much more suprises β˜‘ your attendance #nogreaterlove #lmambrooklyn #lmamnymega #usareg1vz2

The race for Top 4 continues....who will make it this year?

Laying a solid foundation for a glorious future #MTC2019

Changing and transforming lives everywhere...season of CMC #CALMC #CMC #Teamcalabarrocks


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