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When you are a foodie & mum just prepared your favourite... 😂😁 #Just4Laughs

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Pastor Osas Eriyo


This is not funny! Just beautiful!

Watch this beautiful video - Part 2😍 #CelebratingAGreatLight #InspiredByPastorDaba Happy Birthday Pastor, You are perfectly Beautiful 😍😘. Thank you for all you do 💯 #EGLReloaded

It's all about you Pastor #PastorT@50 #iloveyou1by1 #cesazone3

Celebrating Pastor T #PastorT@50 #iloveyou1by1 #cesazone3

SUPER EXCITING NEWS!!! INDIVIDUALS OF OKRIKA COMMUNITY EACH RECEIVE A MONTH SUBSCRIPTION ON THE PASTOR CHRIS DIGITAL LIBRARY!!! The Church Coordinator of CE Okrika Brother Abraham Oporoza and members of CE Okrika Church gifted 1 month Subscription on the Pastor Chris Digital Library to over 100 individuals in Okrika community. They recipients of this special gift expressed joy and excitement thanking our dear man of God for blessing their lives with Pastor Chris Library App. Glory to God! #Warriministrycentre #pcdl

Watch this beautiful video - Part 1 😍 #CelebratingAGreatLight #InspiredByPastorDaba Happy Birthday Pastor, You are perfectly Beautiful 😍😘

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#PastorT@50 #IloveU1by1 #CENdola #ZambiaGroup

What's on my mind??? That's what's on my mind!!! #LMAMUkvz4

Special Appreciation: Your sponsorship of the HLCPH has caused a huge change in the city. Port Harcourt is not the same... Thank you esteemed Partner. We love you and God bless you. #cephzone1 #hlcph

Still celebrating a great light. An answer to the cry of many, join us as we build boreholes and provide access to clean water in 5 Innercity Communities in Nigeria. Let's make a difference today. Click to give 👉 #CelebratingAGreatLight #EGLReloaded

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