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We love you Pastor. Thank you for being a burning and a shinning light . Your light shines everywhere. Happy birthday Pastor #CEBexley #UKR2Z3

We love you Pastor. Thank

YOUR PRESENCE IN EVERY CHURCH SERVICE IS AN ETERNAL INVESTMENT There is a place, a moment in eternity where everything around, the buzz, the noise of the world, the pressures, the targets, the pursuits etc., all fade away and things are reorganised, recalibrated and re-framed for you, and your consciousness of being in charge is reaffirmed, your position as master over all is re-established and your identity as an absolute victor is re-confirmed. It's a place of 'katartizo' - re-framing, re-shaping, re-moulding, re-engineering...where words come to you that translate you beyond your present circumstances, and you see from where God sees, from His holy mountain, and speak accordingly, releasing sound codes that realign your 'aion' to conform to the picture that you have framed in your spirit. That place, that glorious moment in eternity is in our church services...for every time you're present in a service, you are in the presence of a miracle, standing where God is standing, and anything is possible for, and with you. Your presence in every service is an investment into your eternity and the dividends are reaped instantly in testimonies, visions, insights, solutions, direction and much more that the Lord blesses you with, because you came to fellowship with Him, leaving all else behind. Today is another opportunity to invest in your eternity as we bask in God's presence in our Midweek Services at 12:00noon in the Central Church Durumi and at 6:00pm in all our churches. Where would you rather be? What you receive under the corporate anointing cannot be received in any other way. Drop everything and come to service today! Fight every distraction; let nothing deter you; insist on attending the Midweek Service, and come with your friends, colleagues and family members...let's give their lives a meaning together. See you in church! Have a most productive day! We love you. #CEAMC #MIDWEEKSERVICE

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Happy birthday to our Esteemed Zonal Pastor. We love you dearly. Thank you for all you do for the ministry. #UKR2Z3 #CEBexley

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Every man, woman, boy, and girl ever born, and that’ll ever be born into this world has already been “saved” by Jesus Christ. When He died, He died to save all humanity. However, salvation is only a vital experience in the life of the one who has consciously affirmed the lordship of Jesus over his or her life. You receive salvation, or are saved, not just by believing in Jesus, but by taking the further step of affirming His lordship. Get to know more about the life you have been called to live, as you watch "Pastor Chris Teaching" at 08:00 (SA Time) on LoveWorldSAT :

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Blessed Father, you’re great, and greatly to be praised. Thank you for the blessings and miracles I experience in my life, which are acts of your love and kindness. #Lights

The heavens and earth declare your mighty works, and testify of your infinite wisdom and grace, even as all creation sings “Hallelujah” to you, the eternal King of glory. Blessed are you forever. Amen. #Lights

I'm a new creation in Christ Jesus. Old things are passed away and all things are new for me. I'm not of this world; I'm from above. I live my life by God's Word. I'm above sickness; therefore, no infirmity can reside in my body, in the Name of Jesus. Amen. #Lights

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