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Glory!! changes are taking place and the brethren are positioned in the path of perpertual victory!!!! #prayerhourwithpastorruth #cesazone5 #cenorton1

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For this cause I bow my knees before the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ whom the whole family in heaven is named.(paraphrased eph 3:14) Declared that the brethren come to understanding of the love of God for us #prayerhourwithpastorruth #Cesazone5 #CeGlenview

3 am prayer with Pastor Dr Ruth is a must participate event. Making progress in the realm of the spirit #3amprayerwithpastorruth

All yhe brethren in my zone are rootedand grounded in love. They are strengthened with might in their inner man. They are a blessing to their world. #PrayerHourWitgPastorRuth #MyMonthofPossession #MyWeekofMiracles


Still celebrating our Dear Pastor Onos. It’s your year of lights and You are a blessing to us. Keep living the supernatural life of glory. We love you

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Now unto him who is able to do far exceedingly abundantly above what we think or imagine according to the power at work in us. There is a knowing in our spirit and that of the brethren in Zone that all our expectations are fulfilled #cesazone5 #prayerhourwithpastorruth #ceGV

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