Exceptional PRHODA: HBD Sir /Ma. Thank you on KingsChat Web

HBD Sir /Ma. Thank you for all you do in ministry. love you sir /ma .

HBD Sir /Ma. Thank you HBD Sir /Ma. Thank you

Happy birthday dearest Pastors Archie and Ngy. This is made in heaven, Thank you so much for all you do in our great family and Nation. I love and celebrate you today and always.. #cmc #Calmc #teamcalabarrocks

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Ma. Thank you for being a strong foundation to my early years in ministry (Adjomo Avenue). I am grateful to you and I love you dearly Ma.

Happy birthday pastor Joshua. Falalalalalalala#cc1cephzone3#

Happy birthday Monola. Thanks for always being so warm and kind. You are the light of the world. Much love 💖

Happy birthday to my wonderful pastors Archie and Pastor Ngy Aseme I love you so dearly....thank you for changing my life and all your kind words and prayers.....keep soaring high #ceoz #April6th #Ezeifeninezuluoke1ofonitshazone

@thelma1 Happy 😊 Birthday Ma...

Updated her profile photo

HBD ma thank you ma for your love and care always .I love you ma .

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastors. Thank you for your commitment to God, our nation and the Rhapsody Bible Department. I love you dearly Sir/Ma.

Happy birthday to you dearest deacon. You are the best!!! Thank you so much for your love and support, we really appreciate you and love you.

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