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The day draws near!!!!! Its time to experience and bask in The Glory of His Presence #TGOHP with Highly Esteemed #REVKEN in #CECanada #CEScarboroughGroup

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Congratulations to Pastor CARLTONE🎓🎓🎤🎤 Can you pls DROP THAT ALBUM NOW, we’ve been waiting oooo😅😅🎤🎤🎤 #BLWSAZONE #GROUP🐝2️⃣

21 Days to Day of Bliss Akure with esteemed Pastor Joseph Ezire. This amazing music ministers will be ministering in music. State their names in the comment session and their music which you look most. #DoBAkure

Count up to Day of Bliss Akure with the esteemed Pastor Joseph Ezire. #DoBAkure

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CHRISTIANITY - Romans 12:14‭-‬17‭, ‬19‭-‬21 TPT "Speak blessing, not cursing, over those who reject and persecute you. Celebrate with those who celebrate, and weep with those who grieve. Live happily together in a spirit of harmony, and be as mindful of another’s worth as you are your own. Don’t live with a lofty mind-set, thinking you are too important to serve others, but be willing to do menial tasks and identify with those who are humble minded. Don’t be smug or even think for a moment that you know it all. Never hold a grudge or try to get even, but plan your life around the noblest way to benefit others. Beloved, don’t be obsessed with taking revenge, but leave that to God’s righteous justice. For the Scriptures say: “Vengeance is mine, and I will repay,” says the Lord. And: If your enemy is hungry, buy him lunch! Win him over with kindness. For your surprising generosity will awaken his conscience, and God will reward you with favor. Never let evil defeat you, but defeat evil with good"....✍🙌🙏❤💥🔥 #lessonsforlife #walkinginthelight #soundmentalhealth #afternoonteawithptad #ptadzworld #ptadandfriendsnetwork #2019yearoflights #monthofpossession

We walk in the Light as He is in the Light! The Glory of His Presence will make this more real to you! #TGOHP 2019 with #REVKEN #JointhisChariot #CECanada #CEScarboroughGroup #YearofLights

Listen have you found out her location ie her (zip or post code ) if she ain't a women with the reverence and love of God, understanding, wise , a keeper and one who isn't proud ? I say all this because in the times of trouble or deep waters , beauty won't cut it .. Be wise ....


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