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My Month of Direction

My Month of Direction
Pastor Elo Ijomone




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Wooooooow, what a glorious moment at the Agege Group SHINE - ON CONCERT

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👉WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF DIRECTION There are things the Lord will guide you through that have to do with your Future this Month. 👉THIS IS A SIGNIFICANT TIME IN YOUR LIFE !!! The Angels of God are going out and are going to be ministering as God will lead. YOU ARE IN A SPECIAL TIME WERE GOD WILL GIVE YOU DIRECTION , FOCUS, GUIDANCE, INSTRUCTION. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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APRIL GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE WITH OUR MOG PASTOR CHRIS: MESSAGE FOR THE MONTH- Light is beautiful and reveals all that God has planned. John 8:12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. THIS MONTH  IS THE  MONTH OF DIRECTION  This means guidance, counsel, focus, instruction and course you should go with respect to you. There are things the Lord will be guiding you about in the future, next few months and years. Moses received  instructions from God - for the next 40 years His life would be based on that encounter. The angels of God will be all out ministering as God leads. Daniel receives information from the angel of God about the future things to come. You are in a very special time where God will be giving you guidance, counsel, focus and instruction telling you what to do about what. Your life goes in that direction where in spite of all or the rocks ahead you'll always win.  Pray a lot in the Spirit so you can receive the knowledge and understanding. This should be your normal life; Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to teach, lead and guide you. You'll not walk in darkness about anything. You want to know something about anything pray in tongues and information from the Spirit comes to you. Don't pray like you don't know the will of God. Pray with direction. You have to know in your Spirit whether to pray this way or that. The Holy Spirit is there to help you. Pray with a sincere heart and the Lord will respond to you accordingly. #aprilmonthofdirection #2019yearoflights #warriministrycenter #cewarridsc #aprilmonthofpossession

It was an exciting moment with the brothers in east west road church. The message, the side attractions and culminated by our esteemed group pastor Lanre Adetifa. What a mémorable day.

It's our month of Direction! You're going to have guidance and it means there are things that the Lord is going to be guiding you about... - Pastor Chris. Relive the moment!

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