Pst Linda O: HBD dear Dcn Tyoyilla, glorious on KingsChat Web

HBD dear Dcn Tyoyilla, glorious things are spoken of you.. thanks for your exemplary and inspiring commitment to the vision and your loyalty to our Man of God,. God's supernatural and abundant grace multiplies in your life . We love you dearly- from CEPH Zone 2

HBD dear Dcn Tyoyilla, glorious
Dokubo Ebikienmo


Happy Super B-Day Deacon Sir



Happy birthday Deacon Tee

Dcn. Tyoyila


Amen Pastor Ma. I am very grateful



Happy birthday DCN sir more of God's grace to you

OCM The son of Grace. (TSG)



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Happy birthday most excellent personality, of your greatness there shall be no end. Keep illuminating your world for Jesus Christ. You are so mightily blessed my dearest. Love you forever.

Grace to Greater Grace ! That’s my story after I attend AGC 2019. Am highly expectant ...gloryyyy🙌🏾 #CeAccraGhanaZone #CeLegon5 #AGC 2019

Happy birthday my dearest sis Chi. Thank you for your unwavering love for the gospel. God's speed in all your endeavours. His crowned you with his glory forever. Enjoy! Thank you for winning two souls on your birthday. ..Heaven rejoices. We Love you #ceamadikalagbor

Hey everyone how is everyone is doing

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Happy Wedding Anniversary Esteemed Pastors, we celebrate your unique and exceptional union. Your union has brought hope, support and encouragement to millions. It will keep flourishing till the rapture. I love you Sir/Ma

I have completed my Daily Bible Reading Day 96-98. Please Join Me! #DailyBibleReadingChallenge #readtheBibleinoneyear #ceamadikalagbor #cc3 #cephzone3

PRAYER GUIDE FOR UPCOMING PROGRAMS #CEPHZONE1 DAY 7, Attendance: Mark 5:27 ‘When she heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment · Pray for everyone that has heard or will hear about these programs via social media, mass publicity, sms blast and call centre .Declare that they will take note of the program, faith is stirred up in their hearts, they make up their minds to attend the program and they will receive that one word from God that will change their lives forever more at the program. · Thank God for the invitees that will attend the program and that each one will be specially blessed · Declare that they will see it as a Special time of visitation. Come against hindrances to their attendance #CEPHZONE1 #THEHAPPYCHURCH #NOBPHZ1 #GFMC2019 #TOTALEXPERIENCEOYIGBO

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