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Happy birthday to our dearest sister Bola @chrissam40 The Multimillionaire. I thank God for your life & His love entrenched in your heart. You're so consistent, so devoted so loving & full of life. You're a city on the Hill & your light shall never be hidden.The kids & I lā¤ve You

Happy birthday to our dearest Happy birthday to our dearest


Thank you so much sister Lia! I love you allšŸ’

Beautiful from Inside, radiating to as far as can be imagined..... Happy Birthday Sister.... you are a rare breed amongst many... God bless you more and more .. I Love U

Celebration Time #megateensconference2019 #AAGroupMegaNation #celz1rocks

My dearest HAPPY BIRTHDAY! !!!!!!!!! You're a burning and shining light and your light shine brightly this year. It's a new and glorious level for you this year. Thank you for your inspiring work and faith and thank you for your passion for God. I love you dearly

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#megateensconference2019 #AAGroupMegaNation #celz1rocks

Come fly with us this Easter. Chat us online on

THE ELECTION REPORT: LATEST UPDATE LIVE FROM ISRAEL The Loveworld News team is in the Gaza strip as they follow the Israeli election story. Yvonne Katsande is live right now, watch this : #loveworldnews #loveworldsat #loveworldnetworks #news #israel #israelvotes

Yaay...23 is the number! ANTICIPATE!!! #PPR

We are elated We are expectant We are ready #cgibenin #cgirocks #cebeninzone1

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