pastor Florence Masvikeni: At the community of Practice on KingsChat Web

At the community of Practice with Pastor Ifeoma

At the community of Practice

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Happy Birthday Beautiful in and out Pastor Ada! You will fulfil that which God has called you to do in Jesus name, Amen. I love you plenty.

At Loveworld Community of Practice

Live Loveworld communities of Practice #cehatfield #communitiesof practise Cesazone5

Updated her profile photo

Communities Practice Conference! A moment of a lifetime picture with the Esteemed Pastor Ifeoma! Glory!

#rhapathon #wmcrhapathon #warriministrycentre #rhapsodyofrealities

Live at the Community of Practice!!!

All things are possible on the 3 Day of Glory. #SAZONEI #3DAYS OF GLORY #EASTLONDONGROUP.


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