Daddy Briggs Galson: Happy birthday to you sir on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday to you sir and we will flow with you, we love you, take life easy and relax with you until Jesus comes AMEN.

Happy birthday to you sir

I will be there to lambano all that God have for us

Happy birthday to God's best. Great General in God's Army. A man that loves and cares A man full of the Spirit A man that listens to his sheep. My zonal pastor Tony Aduroja Happy birthday sir #PTA2019 #CelebratongGreatness #CelebratingInfluencialPTA #ukzone2 #lwsouthampton

Happy birthday Father,You are a man of extraordinary grace and excellence,thank you for your love sir.I love you dearly sir. #PTA

Happy birthday dear Sis Enid Chirinda. May the Lord continue to express Himself through you at an even greater level in your year ahead and reconcile many more Souls through you in the name of Jesus..We love you dearly, happy birthday 💥🎂🎈🎊🎉

It's not enough to get inspiration, you require order to get the best result! Mobs don't win war, army win war. I am a committed team member, a co-labourer with other saints changing destinies and giving hope. Thank you Pastor Shola sir! #TGOHPCAN #CECANADAREGION #CEDONVALLEY

Happy Birthday to my Father. My ministry started with you many years ago. Your teachings are extraordinary and your fatherly love exceptional. Thank you sir for the many opportunities you have given me. I just love you Sir #celebratingPTA #UKZONE2

Join me like and share this video as we join the host of heaven & the LW Nation to celebrate our zonal pastor Tony Aduroja on this most unique occasion of his birthday We love u plenty. With love from Southampton #PTA2019 #CelebratongGreatness #CelebratingInfluencialPTA #ukzone2

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Updated her profile photo

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