Gospel : Congratulations sir on this special on KingsChat Web

Congratulations sir on this special day marking your birthday! Memories of your fatherly love and care lingers for me and family lingers on I love you so very much

Congratulations sir on this special

We had a POWER OUTAGE today just before ministering the Word and there was no back up generator.....but we had a megaphone😂📢📢📢📢 and boy service was hot for days!!! SATAN THROWS LEMONS, WE MAKE MANGO JUICE WITH THEM!!! #LWSAZONE #Group🐝2️⃣

TNI Conference UK 20.04.19 DON'T MISS IT!

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Happy birthday Sir. I love you dearly Enjoy your new age! #celebratinggreatness #TPA #1404 #ukzone2 #blwnorwich

Happy Birthday My Super-Darling Sister Ju! I love u ever so increasingly...Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! ❤

Day14-30days of talking session 7times a day 5th I am attuned to the word and I know I would never walk in confusion. # Direction #Lights

Happy Shining Birthday Pastor sir! A true man of God, steady, consistent, composed, focused, directed and so inspiring!!! Thank you for demonstrating how easy life is! I love you sir!! #PTA2019 #Celebratingreatness #CelebratingInfluential #lwsouthampton #ukzone2

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Updated her profile photo

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