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INTERNET OF THINGS, IOT Internet of Things, commonly known as IoT is a very general term that includes all sorts of different devices that are being connected to each other and are able to exchange informations. IoT became known thanks to Kevin Ashton who popularized this concept. Let’s focus on All you need to know about IoT before starting your project. Many people aren’t able to fully understand this idea without a good example. Or maybe I’m just not that good with explaining things. :)  Anyway, I’m a huge fan of solving this mystery talking about actual devices from our everyday life. Internet of Things is not only connecting devices into a network. The HUGE part of IoT is its ability to set a self-calibration mode that is going to perform a certain action when the specific requirements are met. It’s pretty popular nowadays to install an irrigation system in our garden that’s going to water the grass and plants for us. But why is it Internet of Things device? Well, it can be programmed to work without on and off switch. IoT part of this watering system is that thanks to the right software we can set it to turn according to the schedule. Let’s say we want to turn the garden watering everyday between 12 p.m. and 5 a.m. We program the device to react to the clock and it’s going to turn the watering system everyday at 12 p.m. and automatically turn it off at 5 a.m. without the need to be turned off manually. Moreover, we can set it to react to the weather, so for instance it won’t turn on if there was raining. Another good example of IoT are different healthcare apps for our phones. They are so popular that you probably stopped wandering how they work. We have a plenty of options to choose from when it comes to medical apps. They can count our fat burning rate, count the number of steps we made or do much more useful things like predict our insulin level. There’s a lot of apps not only for us - phone users with ordinary jobs but also for professional medicals. Some people don’t believe in those apps. It’s true that some of them are not that good but it’s not because they can’t be. IoT is doing much more for Healthcare than just phone apps. Soon enough, hospitalbeds will be able to read our body parameters and send them directly to nurses. Internet of Things will definitely revolutionize Healthcare Industry. So far we talked about IoT inventions that we can buy, but there’s much more than just that. Internet of Things can be (and is) used for custom processes. There’s absolutely no need to limit yourself to IoT devices available on the market. IoTis so popular because it can be used to better your business processes no matter what they consist of. Software development is a very powerful thing. You can customize your business to reduce costs and increase both efficiency and productivity. #innovate #inspire #ideate


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