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Women on a mission - Total Experience Lugbe Outreach by Pearl PCF,, CE FHA 1. #AMCtotalexperiencelugbe

Women on a mission - Women on a mission - Women on a mission - Women on a mission -


Pearls on a mission

Aiyamenkhue Annmary


Glory!!!!!!!!!! Women with Passion for Souls

Cordelia Martins


Awesome 🙌

Esther Williams-Odeh


Glorrrrrry.....women on a mission

Happy birthday my great son Malachi and may God give you more and more Grace and peace everyday your life has live for him and God bless you and I love you.

#TheSaviourMovie #TheSaviorMovie #CEBolton #LoveworldBolton #UKZone4 #LoveworldZone4

Jesus died for everyone! When He resurrected, a new specie was birthed 👉 Christians. *This is something to shout about. We're in fellowship with the Father because Jesus died for us and we believe it. Glory to God 🙌 #John1:12

Updated his profile photo

#TheSaviourMovie #TheSaviorMovie #CEBolton #LoveworldBolton #UKZone4 #LoveworldZone4

Happy birthday my dearest sister and friend. Your life is a story of God's glorious testimonies. Thank you for your inspiring life of faith. Your light shines everywhere. I love you super! #TGOHPCAN

#UKZONE2 #BLWESSEXGROUP #BLWNORWICH I Testify of the Grace of God at work in my Life. I Testify that everything I touch is Blessed! I Testify to the Goodness of God in my Life. God is my Source.

Who's here, how does this work here? It's my first time to be here

A gift of bible to our souls. Thank u partners!!! #UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE ORON #ceeket

Still celebrating a shining light - Laurel. Keyla and her parents love you dearly. Happy birthday dearie.

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